Luke Evans & Maria El Dani

Meet Luke Evans – A Dracula Untold Story

Through some incredible circumstances, a few days ago I met one of my favorite actors of all time! It all started with a telephone call asking me if I had time to do a grooming (that’s makeup for men) for a man who was going to do an interview. I penciled the date in my schedule and waited for details. The details came and the appointment was confirmed, also the location and the time, but the identity of my mysterious client was yet to be revealed. At some point, closer to the date, I found out who the client was, and believe me, I was never so nervous before a job in my life. Finally the day came and after a frightful journey, I arrived on location. Soon enough I was brought up to the room, and when he opened the door to that apartment … my day suddenly got brighter 🙂 Tall, dark and handsome was there (you ladies know what I mean)! The Dracula Untold Blu-ray and DVD was to be released on February 3, and for the release, Universal Pictures, organized the interviews in Bucharest, thus…  my client was …..

Luke Evans - Dracula Untold interview

Mr. Luke Evans – Dracula Untold interview!

LUKE EVANSthe world’s latest and most handsome – Dracula! Famous for films like Clash of the Titans 2010 where he played the God Apollo, Immortals – Zeus, FAST & FURIOUS 6 – Shaw, and last but not least, for Bard The Bowman of THE HOBBIT. Meeting Vlad on an early morning, was NOT how I expected my encounter with the world’s most famous VAMPIRE to be 🙂 After setting up in the light of day ….

Set Up for Luke Evans

Set Up for Mr. Luke Evans!

He came over with his coffee cup,  so it all felt like having coffee with an old friend. 😉 I started working and talking to Luke like we had been friends since … forever :),  about cosmetics and movie makeup, especially the makeup for Vlad Tepes, the role he played in the recent Dracula Untold film. (Which, in my opinion was a great combination of the legend of Dracula and the life of the historical character, Vlad Tepes. Putting a little truth in the story of Dracula, the famous vampire.) Did I tell you Luke has amazingly freckled skin and gorgeous bone structure? 🙂 At some point I mustered all my courage and asked Luke if maybe he wouldn’t mind taking a picture with me. Can you guess what his answer was? He said, “Do YOU want to take a picture with me?” How amazing does that sound? So, not only is he very handsome but he is also incredibly kind and generous, taking pictures with us and giving us autographs. Have a look at the picture we took so that I can show you guys who I met.

Luke Evans & Maria El Dani

Luke Evans & Me

Luke Evans IS SUCH A GOOD-LOOKING MAN!!! He looks better in real life, if that is even possible!

Luke Evans & Alexandra Harsan

Luke Evans & Alexandra Harsan

Did I tell you he is gorgeous? I probably did 🙂 The word of the day was „dreamy” 🙂 When Luke was ready for the interviews, I had a little time with the girls in his team, we took some pictures ….

Luke Evans's team!

Luke Evans’s team!

Alexandra Harsan - the hair stylist

Alexandra Harsan – the hair stylist

……and played a little bit with colors.

Makeup and Hair at it's best!

Makeup and Hair at it’s best!

Maria El Dani & Cecilia Sandoval

Maria El Dani & Cecilia Sandoval

With lovely Ms. Cecilia Sandoval!

Maria El Dani & Cecilia Sandoval

Maria El Dani & Cecilia Sandoval

The interviews started and I was on standby!

On standby for Luke Evans!

On standby for Luke Evans!

Going on set for small touch-ups from time to time. I found out that Luke is a fellow orchid lover, like me, and I got some pointers from him about the beautiful flowers. When the day was over, at the end of our last session, I thanked Luke, and he gave me a “Thanks, darling!” – that went straight to my heart. You can watch one of the interviews he gave that day here, and it is my favorite one because he talks about coming back to Romania and visiting the Hometown of Vlad Tepes, Targoviste of the old Wallachia, where he will be welcomed as the ruler he is 😉 Meeting Mr. Luke Evans, was an amazing and surprising experience, as he is an incredibly cool guy, and also unexpectedly easy to talk to, so I am very thankful for it all. Thank you, Universe, for this amazing encounter, I am patiently expecting the next one. Xoxo, M


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